Morning Star Baptist Church!
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2050 Thornton Avenue, Gulfport, MS 39501
Welcome to Morning Star Baptist Church!

Social change and spiritual leadership continue to bathe Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church, in much the same way baptismal waters have cleansed its members who accept Christ's life.

With humble beginnings, over 100 years ago in an outdoor service under an alley bush arbor, the church has grown to an impressive red-brick complex with a sanctuary, assorted rooms for Christian education and dreams of a life center complete with basketball courts for neighborhood children.

Morning Star is a church that labors to make a difference as it celebrates a little over a century in the Soria City community of Gulfport, one of the region's oldest neighborhoods.

With praise and celebration, members drive from surrounding cities every Sunday to return to their home church and old neighborhood. Morning Star is prayerfully determined to make positive change within the City of Gulfport.

The Finger of God!

Pastor J.L. Franklin

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Jesus the Center of My Joy!!!
Bruce Johnson!


Morning Star Baptist Church
A Missionary Baptist Church, Inc.
2050 Thornton Avenue
Gulfport, MS 39501
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